Kai Capital Management acquires ConceptColor GmbH

With the notarization of the contract dated 10 December 2012 Kai Capital Management GmbH & Co. KGaA has acquired

ConceptColor GmbH

headquartered in Legden.

ConceptColor specializes in the area of surface finishing, in particular for aluminum products, using powder and Eloxal coatings. Most of ConceptColor’s customers are based in Germany with a small portion from The Netherlands and come from a number of various industries. The first form of the company was founded in 1967; the company in its current form was taken over from its then owners by individuals who had been employed in management positions in the company for many years before. Along with ConceptColor GmbH, Kai Capital Management also acquired Persup GmbH. Persup is a personnel recruitment agency, which has successfully worked together with ConceptColor for many years and is owned by other family members of the seller.

The current majority shareholder and Managing Director, Ms. Rita Carlone, will continue to lead the company into the next few years. The acquisition follows in the course of successorship as Ms. Carlone would like to go into retirement in 2015 and there is no successor within the family. As there is no change in the leadership of the company with Ms. Carlone remaining as Managing Director, there will be no changes to the daily operations of the company. Together with Kai Capital Management, Rita Carlone will, in due time, find and groom a successor as managing director and will hand over management of the company at the appropriate time. Also, after her departure from management, Ms. Carlone will continue as the landlord for the company’s real estate.

Kai Capital Management is a holding company, which acquires small and middle-sized companies, especially those that are in the process of successorship. Kai Capital Management acquires, at a minimum, a majority stake in its targeted acquisitions and works closely together with the company’s existing management in accordance with entrepreneurial principles. Kai Capital Management focuses on the middle and long-term success of the companies in which is acquires.


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