H. W. Kiedrowski new Managing Director at Hassia-Redatron

After HASSIA-REDATRON was acquired on 01/12/2010 by Kai Capital Management, Düsseldorf, and John Dykema, owner of Circle Packaging, Green Bay, USA, Hans-Werner Kiedrowski assumes operational management of the company on 01/02/2011.

Hans Werner Kiedrowski is 59 years old and is a qualified (Dipl.-Ing.) mechanical engineer. After his studies he worked for many years in the field of mechanical and plant engineering with the Krupp Group. Afterwards he undertook various business management roles in mechanical and plant engineering companies which manufacture processing equipment for the drinks and water treatment industries or machines used in food-processing engineering. He has extensive international experience and as sole managing director has been responsible for all important business functions (development, construction and manufacturing, sales and administration) in medium-sized companies.

Hans Werner Kiedrowski, who via a capital increase has also received shares in the company: "HASSIA-REDATRON is a company with a rich tradition, which after making it through difficult times, with cutting-edge technology products, a large international customer base, as well as motivated and qualified employees, has the ideal prerequisites for a successful future. I look forward to being able to play a part in shaping this future."

Valentin Reisgen, managing partner in Kai Capital Management: "We are very pleased that, as announced, so quickly after the acquisition of HASSIA-REDATRON in Hans Werner Kiedrowski we have found a managing director and partner whom we have held in high esteem for years and who has the experience required to exploit the full potential of HASSIA-REDATRON in the interests of its customers, its employees and suppliers as well as, not least, its investors."


With decades of experience behind it, HASSIA-REDATRON is a world-leading provider of packaging machines for the food-processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

About John Dykema

John Dykema is owner and director of several US manufacturers of packaging machines and has decades of experience in this industry.

About Kai Capital Management

Kai Capital Management is a holding company based in Düsseldorf, which acquires small-to-medium-sized companies and develops them over the long-term.


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