Andreas Hollmann – Managing Director of Hassia-Redatron GmbH

Andreas Hollmann has been an additional managing director, together with Hans Werner Kiedrowski, at Hassia-Redatron GmbH since 1st October 2016. Since Hans Werner Kiedrowski is reaching retirement age, he will be stepping down in the spring of next year. Following this, Andreas Hollmann will manage the company as sole managing director.

After his degree course and initial professional experience as a sales engineer, he took on many roles in what was then the IWKA group, including between 2003 and 2005 as sales manager at Hassia-Redatron, which belonged to the IWKA group. He then took on various management tasks in medium-sized mechanical engineering firms, all in the sector of packaging machinery. From 2006 to 2011, he was managing director at Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH. He has diverse and extensive management experience in this industry, including at international level, and besides English, also speaks Italian and French.

Andreas Hollmann: "I’m looking forward to the task of furthering the long-term development of Hassia-Redatron GmbH, which was helped out of a difficult initial situation and successfully stabilised by Hans Werner Kiedrowski and the shareholders. From my earlier work at Hassia-Redatron, and as a long-term market competitor of the company, I know the company’s potential, which derives primarily from immense expertise, a long-term customer base and a highly qualified and motivated workforce, which offers the best conditions on which to base a successful future."

Hans Werner Kiedrowski, who will be selling his shares in the company to the other shareholders in the course of his retirement: "It is always with mixed feelings, of course, that you look towards stepping down from operational management. It has been a great pleasure to contribute to the exciting task of shaping Hassia-Redatron over the past few years. Now it is time to prepare my successor for taking over the reins, and I am looking forward very much to working with him, especially since I have known Andreas Hollmann well for a long time. After I have retired next year, I will always continue to maintain a friendly relationship with the company."

Valentin Reisgen, Managing Partner of Kai Capital Management: "I would like to join with John Dykema, our co-partner since taking over Hassia-Redatron in 2010, in thanking Hans Werner Kiedrowski for the successful and always pleasant cooperation during the last few years. After he has handed-over fully to Andreas Hollmann next year, he will be able to look back on a stage in his professional career where he was able to set a company up on a new basis from a very difficult situation and lead it into a stable position that continues to promise future success. We look forward to working with two expert managing directors during the coming months and are convinced that in Andreas Hollmann we have found the right person in both professional and personal terms for the long-term future."

About Hassia-Redatron

For many decades, Hassia-Redatron,, has been a leading international provider of packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical industry and other sectors of industry.

About Kai Capital Management

Kai Capital Management,, is an industrial holding company from Düsseldorf, which acquires medium-sized companies and develops them on a long-term basis.

About John Dykema

John Dykema is the owner and manager of several US manufacturers of packaging machines, including He has many decades of experience in this industry.


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