Ralf Elges joins Reboplastic GmbH as Managing Director

On 1st February 2014, Ralf Elges joined Reboplastic GmbH as an additional Managing Director of Reboplastic GmbH.

Ralf Elges is 45 years old and holds an Msc Industrial Engineering and Management as well as an Msc in Electrical Engineering. After completing his subsequent double studies, he acquired many years of experience working for companies specialized in thermoforming. Over the years he increased the scope of his responsibility, ranging from assistant to general management, head of purchasing, later plant manager, and finally to Managing Director. His extensive and many years of experience in this industry make him well positioned at Reboplastic where, in the future, he will be responsible for all operations of the company.

Franz Schwaab, who has acted as sole Managing Director until now, will be responsible for strategic sales in the future. After a transitionary handover phase, Mr. Schwaab will be unavailable to the company for an unforeseeable period of time due to health reasons. During his absence, he will advise and support Mr. Elges; however, the day-to-day business operations will be run by Mr. Elges alone.

Ralf Elges: "Reboplastic is a traditional company which, with technologically leading products and many years of strong relationships with its key customers as well as motivated and qualified employees, has the best prerequisites for a successful future. I am looking forward to the responsibility of being able to shape this future."

Franz Schwaab: "Having Ralf Elges is a great gain for Reboplastic and I am looking forward to working with him in the future."

Valentin Reisgen, managing partner of Kai Capital Management: "We are very pleased, after our takeover of Reboplastic in September 2013 and Franz Schwaab’s dibilitating health conditions, to have found Ralf Elges for reinforecment as an additional Managing Director, who has known the industry for many years from different perspectives of responsbility and will help us continue our successfully development of Reboplastic long-term and positively."

Reboplastic (www.reboplastic.de) has been in the business of manufacturing thermoplastic synthetic components for more than 40 years. Core competencies of the company include the consultation and support for its customers in the design and development of parts and the selection of materials, the construction of necessary moldings and tools, the production of plastic parts on thermoforming machines as well as downstream activities such as CNC-milling and the assembly of components. Reboplastic's customers are located in Germany and other European countries and are from the automobile industry, medical technology industry, machine construction and other industries.

Kai Capital Management is an industrial holding company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, which acquires small to mid-sized companies and focuses on their long-term continual development.


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