Dieter Morthorst is the new CEO of Reboplastic

Since April 15, 2021, Dieter Morthorst has been the sole CEO of Reboplastic GmbH.

Mr. Morthorst has a degree in plastics engineering and many years of operational, technical and sales experience from his work in plastics engineering companies, especially in the field of thermoforming. Before studying, he was an officer in the German armed forces for many years. Since May 2020, he has been in the position of operations manager at Reboplastic.

Kai Capital Management took over the company in 2013 as part of a succession plan. Reboplastic was founded in 1965 and belonged to a listed industrial holding company between 1985 and 2012. Reboplastic GmbH's expertise lies in the development, manufacturing and sale of plastic parts and assemby units. The focus is on advising and supporting customers in material selection and the development of parts.

The plastic parts are manufactured using thermoforming machines as well as molds and tools designed by the company's development department. REBOPLASTIC also provides downstream activities such as CNC milling and mounting assembly units. Reboplastic's customers are from Germany and other European countries, and come from the areas of medical technology, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, and other sectors.

Ralf Elges left the company on April 15, 2021. He had been CEO of the company since February 2014. We would like to thank him for his work during this time and wish him all the best for the future.

About Kai Capital Management

Kai Capital Management ( acquires small and medium-sized companies as a holding company, in particular from so-called succession situations. The affiliated companies are acquired by Kai Capital Management at least by a majority and, together with the operational management, are managed in accordance with entrepreneurial principles. Here, the focus is on the medium and long-term orientation of the investments.


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