Shareholding in Carpentier Packaging GmbH increased

With effect from 31 March 2022 and as agreed years ago, Kai Capital Management GmbH & Co KGaA has increased its shareholding in Carpentier Packaging GmbH from 55 % to 80 %.

At the same time Christian Carpentier, since the end of 2019 Managing Director of the company, acquired the remaining shares. As a result, Bernhard Carpentier, Managing Director and founder of the company retired due to age as shareholder of the company. He continues to serve as Managing Director and consultant of the company.

About Carpentier Packaging

Carpentier Packaging ( is managed by the managing partner Christian Carpentier and his father and founder Bernhard Carpentier.

Carpentier Packaging, founded in 1996, manufactures erectors, cartoners and special machines for various industries, with the food sector being the largest customer base. Since 2021 the company is based in its newly built premises in Schornsheim.

About Kai Capital Management

As an industrial holding company Kai Capital Management ( acquires small and medium-sized companies, especially from so-called succession situations. The investment companies are acquired by Kai Capital Management at least by a majority and, together with the operational management, are managed in accordance with entrepreneurial principles. Here, the focus is on the medium and long-term orientation of the investments.


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